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Pride Current & Past Players playing in New England Prep Schools

Ashely Castriotta Winchendon 2015

Alex Mitchell Worcester Academy 2015

Mikayla Michals Gunnery 2016

Olivia Ogden Gunnery 2016

Micheala McNamara Worcester Academy 2016

Mary Kate Drinkwater Worcester Academy 2016

Tia Dawson Nobles 2017

Juliana Kennedy Buckingham Browne and Nichols 2017

Julia Pellitier Worcester Academy 2017

Sophia Castriotta Hebron 2017

Angela Cromp Southfield 2018

Taylor Ettore Pomfert 2018

Emma London Nobles 2018

Bailey Turner Nobles 2018

Jori Balsam Buckingham Browne and Nichols 2019

Caroline Bedrosian Middlesex 2019

Lilly Jarrett Middlesex 2019

Zoe Brown Rivers 2019

Abigail Smith Phillips Exeter 2020

Alexis Cagan Worcester Academy 2020

Ava Cornforth Thayer Academy 2020

Victoria Kennedy Buckingham Browne and Nichols 2020

Kelly McCarthy Kent Hill 2020

Ashley Hart St. Marks 2021

Sara Hart Northfield Mount Hermon 2021

Mary Honan Worcester Academy 2021

Jessica Michals Lawrence Academy 2021

Madison Michals Nobles 2021

Catherine Vien Southfield 2021

Katie Allen Southfield 2022

Ellie Todd Rivers 2022


Pride Current College Players

Casey Diana Franklin Pierce Div II 2017

Siobhan Burke College of the Holy Cross Div I 2018

Alex Mitchell University of New England Div III 2019

Brenna Galvin St. Michaels Div III 2019

Ashley Castriotta New England College Div III 2019

Mary Kate Drinkwater University of New England Div III 2020

Micheala McNamara Endicott College Div III 2020

Julia Pellitier College of the Holy Cross Div I 2021

Julianna Kennedy William Smith Div III 2021